• Sanjay Mackintosh

Sanjay Mackintosh Director of Corporate Strategy, ‎London Borough of Camden
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"My career hasn’t always been in local government: I started off in the NHS, then moved into the civil service – DoH, Home Office, and the Cabinet Office. I am currently Director of Strategy for Camden and before that, I worked on behalf of 5 local authorities in North London on our sustainability and transformation partnership, leading change programmes and developing policy and strategy in health and social care. Just after I’d left the civil service (and wasn’t very au fait with Solace), Nick Walkley from the Homes and Communities Agency forwarded me an advert for Springboard. Since then, I’ve got very involved with a range of things, and I’ve continued with membership because it’s a really good group that opens doors and makes connections.

For me, local government is the best place to be in public services because we have the freedom to act on behalf of the people we serve. So the chance to be part of a group who are all driven, motivated and ambitious to lead local public service is a really attractive experience. Springboard continues to grow people who are in that mindset; thinking differently, asking good questions. Over the last year or so, they’ve been really successful in creating an alumni group and there are excellent spin-offs regionally.

Solace offers a wide range of opportunities, for example the Policy Networks where you can contribute to and lead the sector’s thinking on a range of policy areas. Solace includes more than just Chief Executives; we need and want to hear from up-and-coming thinkers, not just people who are already there.

Membership represents a genuine investment into your career – and others’ careers. It’s all about being part of it, making connections, raising your profile and capitalising on opportunities. I spoke at an Aspiring Heads of Service event, and most of the questions were about ‘How do I get myself noticed?’. Well, this is absolutely it – your entry ticket is becoming a member. It’s genuinely the best way to invest in developing leadership behaviours and skills. It’s worth it – you’re contributing, you’re connecting, and you’re affiliating yourself with really worthwhile people."­

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